Childers Fine Food Reaper Sauce


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Childers Fine Foods Reaper Sauce 100% Australian grown Carolina Reaper Chillies 250 ml of big, bold and flavoursome sauce. If you love heat in your sauce, don't hold back, this is the sauce for you. This is our entry level sauce, "The Reaper" it is not one to be reckoned with. Use in cooking, your marinades or when BBQing. The Reapers are grown on our farm, so we can guarantee the quality and the heat. On the heat spectrum, a 6/10

INGREDIENTS: Tomato, Capsicum, Onion, Orange, Lime, Vinegar, Carrot, Sugar, Carolina Reaper Chilli, Garlic, Salt, Ginger, Coriander. Made with Australian Grown Carolina Reaper Chillies from their own farm. Use this on Steak, Burgers or BBQ.


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