Chilli Coffee D’Grim Hot XXXXX 500gm


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Chilli Coffee D'Grim Hot XXXXX 500gm has a much fuller flavour. Chilli Coffee D'Grim Hot XXXXX 500gm is a sure-fire hit with chilli lover's. All of the Chilli Coffee blends are created to give an even balance between flavours. That's true for the extra kick of D'GRIM. D'GRIM Chilli Coffee moves away from subtle chilli infusion, and has a bigger chilli kick. Still elegantly blended to our quality coffee, the higher kick of the D'GRIM blend moves your coffee more towards the chilli balance of the mix. Not for the faint hearted, D'GRIM's stronger chilli blend is an adventure in your coffee cup. An ideal after dinner closer, it makes a perfect addition to your dinner party, or use it to accent your cooking as a rub.

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