Cobra Chilli Black Truffle Chilli Sauce


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Cobra Chilli Black Truffle Chilli Sauce has combined its flare for creative sauces with Great Southern Truffles, to produce an incredible all-natural, black truffle chilli sauce.  Truffles can be described as ‘gourmet mushrooms’. They have a pungent, intense, earthy fragrance and lend a unique flavour and aroma to chilli sauce. Cobra Chilli Black Truffle Chilli Sauce will bring a touch of gourmet to any dish. Use it on everything.

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable Stock, Dry White Wine, Ghee, Canola Oil, Fresh Leek, Fresh Onion, Fresh Jalapeño Chilli (5%), Fresh Garlic, Rice Flour, Black Truffle (1%), Sea Salt, Thyme, White Pepper.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Fettuccine with pan fried chicken thighs and wild mushrooms, topped with shaved parmesan, roast chicken & vegetables. Grilled rump steak with garden salad, gourmet thick cut fries or right off the spoon.


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