Cobra Chilli Bubblegum Ultra Hot Chilli Sauce


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Cobra Chilli Bubblegum Ultra Hot Chilli BBQ Sauce is made with fresh tomato, garlic and onion. This sauce blends the sweet smoke flavours of molasses and Worcestershire to create a smooth sauce. Cobra Chilli Bubblegum Ultra Hot Chilli BBQ Sauce goes perfectly on anything off the BBQ. With this sauces special blend of ingredients and knowledge, it will only take one time to change your cooking life.

INGREDIENTS: Fresh Tomato, Sugar, Vinegar, Fresh Bubblegum Chilli (5%), Fresh Garlic, Fresh Onion, Worcestershire Sauce (Water, Vinegar, Molasses, Rehydrated Vegetables, Salt, Spices, Natural Flavours, Colour (Caramel IV), Spice Extract), Paprika, Molasses, Mustard Powder, Sea Salt, White Pepper. With it's unique blend of ingredients and expertise. One encounter will change your Culinary life.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Anything off the BBQ such as hamburgers, steak sandwiches and sausages. It is also great on bratwurst, beef and pork ribs, and a meat lovers or BBQ chicken pizza.


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