Cobra Chilli Scotch B Pepper Sauce


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Cobra Chilli Scotch B Pepper Sauce is a splash-on Sauce made with the amazing tasting Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet chilli.

Cobra Chilli Scotch B Pepper Sauce is a medium-heat, Louisiana-Style Pepper Sauce that is such a versatile condiment for nearly all kinds of food.

One of the defining features of this type of Chilli is its Sweet aroma and unique flavour. Rarely will you find a Jamaican cooking without some of this Chilli. It is the chilli of choice among Caribbean nationals.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Bacon & eggs, roast chicken, chicken schnitzel, spring rolls, grilled fish, tuna sandwich and salad vinaigrette?

INGREDIENTS: Vinegar, Fresh Jamaican Yellow Scotch Bonnet chilli, Sea salt.


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