Fenglehorn Aussie Allrounder BBQ Rub


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Fenglehorn Aussie All Rounder BBQ Rub is great for low and slow cooking. Fenglehorn Aussie All Rounder BBQ Rub is sweet, smokey and has hints of mustard and cinnamon and is ideal as an allrounder for MOO, OINK, BAHH and CLUCK. Robust flavours with a little touch of the middle east makes this spicy rub almost everything that is Australian, except for maybe anything that isn't. Let's be honest, we both know you're a devilishly attractive pit boss, now we just need to let the rest of the world know! Get in there and get cooking, you smokey beast! This Is Flavour!

Ingredients: Handemade in Cairns with local and imported ingredients. No anit-caking agents, flour, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives or colours. Shake vigorously before use and store in a cool darkness for best quality. 100% Natural!

Raw Sugar, Sea Salt, Spices, Chilli. Processed with the same equipment used to manufacture foods containing Fish and/or Soy.