Fenglehorn Balls Out BBQ Sauce


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Fenglehorn Balls Out BBQ Sauce has won 1st place at the 2020 Mr Chilli Awards! Try the sauce voted #1 BBQ sauce in Australia & NZ! (Remember, this is not a chilli sauce, so it's very, very mild.) You know what they say…. You can't make friends with salad but you can make friends with your Ballz Out! Featuring the unique flavours of the world famous Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce, Fenglehorn Balls Out BBQ Sauce is possibly the greatest BBQ sauce to ever be…… a BBQ sauce. Complex richness with the unmistakable explosion of flavour you expect from a Fenglehorn creation. Go on…… get ya Ballz Out! Finally, the good doctor has got his ballz out to create a ballzy BBQ sauce for the ages!

INGREDIENTS: Vinegar, Tomato, Raw & Brown Sugar, Garlic, Onion, Well Loved Worcestershire Sauce, Chilli, Himalayan Salt, Spices.