Fenglehorn Lick That Chicken BBQ Rub


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Is it pure co-ink-e-dink that Fenglehorn Lick That Chicken BBQ Rub has 11 herbs and spices? YES! Were there any Colonels harmed in the making of Fenglehorn Lick That Chicken BBQ Rub? YES! Oh wait. NO!! Please be advised, this herb and spice rub bears no resemblance to any famous recipe but it is still very nice when used on chook, turkey and anything with feathers. Except Parrots. Don't use it on parrots. Our Pirate friends would get very, very cranky. ARRRRR! This Is Flavour!

Ingredients: Handemade in Cairns with local and imported ingredients. No anti-caking agents, flours, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives or colour. Shake vigorously before use and store in cool darkness for best quality. 100% Natural.

Raw Sugar, Sea Salt, Herbs, Spices.