Fenglehorn Memphis Magic BBQ Rub


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Fenglehorn Memphis Magic BBQ Rub. Is there anything tastier in the world than a well rubbed piece of meat? SHHH, Don't answer that. We can see it in your eyes. Onik, Cluck, Moo or whatever sound a prawn makes. It doesn't really matter. The main thing is the choice of rub. All of these delicious creatures will thank you for smothering them in this yumminess and adding fire! Get it on there and get it in ya! Go on, you smokey Devil! This is Flavour!

Ingredients: Handmade in Cairns with local and imported ingredients. No anti-caking agents, flour, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives or colours. Shake vigorously before use and store in cool darkness for best quality. 100% Natural!

Sugar, Sea Salt, Spices, Herbs.