Fenglehorn SPG BBQ Rub


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Fenglehorn SPG BBQ Rub. If Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was he blinded by the light? Was he driving down a dark dessert highway or was it a highway to hell? We may never really know, but the truth is this could be the only seasoning you could ever need to create your own stairway to heaven at your next ring of fire and smoke on the water. Like the mighty god's of rock 'n' roll said unto Elvis and Ringo: " slap it on everything and BBQ it"! This Is Flavour!

Ingredients: Handemade in Cairns with local and imported ingredients. No ant-caking agents, flours, artificial flavours, preservatives, additives or colours. Shake vigorously before use and store in cool darkness for best quality. 100% Natural.

Sea salt, Herbs, Spices.