Grumpy Gary’s Gar-Lick Dip


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220g / 7.76 oz

Grumpy Gary’s Gar-Lick… Trust us, once you pop the lid, you’ll find it very hard to stop eating until it’s gone!

Made locally in Melbourne in small batches with much love and expertise.

Strong garlic for garlic lovers! Dip chips, make garlic bread or rub it on steak – there is nothing like this in the market for garlic fans.

Use the Gar-lick Dip as a dip, rub, or spread. Try it with roasted/mashed potatoes, steak, hot chips, artisan bread, souvlaki and/or prawns!

INGREDIENTS: Australian canola oil (non-GMO), garlic (16%), vinegar, lemon juice, salt, xanthan gum


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