Kielty’s Brown Sauce


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Kielty's Brown Sauce is a steak sauce with a kick. Great Granny Kieltys recipe, and over 100yrs old. It’s a tasteful combination of apples, plums, perky spices, cayenne chilli and black vinegar. It’s a Man’s sauce, excellent on Steaks. Kielty's Brown Sauce has a unique rich robust flavour makes it a standout sauce. It won’t last long in your pantry. Best eaten with steaks, bacon and egg rolls, grilled meats, snags, pies, cheese and meat board and excellent as a marinade.

INGREDIENTS: Apple, Vinegar, Prunes, Onion, Apple Juice, Brown Sugar, Tomato, Worcestershire Sauce, Water, Salt, Lemon Juice, Garlic, Spices, Vegetable Gum.

Vegan friendly and Gluten Free

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