Kielty’s Habanero Smoked Apricot Hot Sauce


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Kielty's Habanero Smoked Apricot Hot Sauce is a hot fruity sauce with a light smokiness.  This sauce is packed with flavour and the apricot takes a little of the feisty habanero heat away.  The apricots are hand smoked to give the sauce that subtle smokiness. Kielty's Habanero Smoked Apricot Hot Sauce is hot so beware.   Murt Kielty was inspired by the wild Irish countryside so he took the old Kielty recipes and made them his own.  Still today these recipes are handed down from generation to generation.

This sauce is best eaten with chicken wings, grilled meats, brisket and smoked meats.  It is excellent as a hot marinade.

INGREDIENTS: Habanero, Carrot, Chilli, Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Apple Wood Smoke, Orange Zest, Vegetable Gum.

Vegan friendly and Gluten Free.