Kielty’s Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce


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Kielty's Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce is a spicy sweet, tangy sauce, with a hint of lemon and dry roasted coriander.  Kielty's Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce is the best hot sweet chilli on the market.  This sauce uses a combination of fresh birds eye chilli and cayenne red chilli to get that deep chilli flavour and bright red colour. This is by far our best seller and most highly awarded sauce

This sauce, best eaten with grilled chicken, burgers, snags, and great added to dressings.  It can also be used in Asian dished, seafood, rissoles and excellent in stir fry’s and great as a marinade.

Gluten free, Vegan, Dairy free

INGREDIENTS:  Chilli, sugar, vinegar, spices, fennel, salt, coriander, water, lemon zest, onion, garlic, fresh ginger, vegetable gum, pineapple, lime leaf

may contain traces of tree nuts