Papa Peachy Number 1.5 Blackberry Sauce


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Papa Peachy Number 1.5 Blackberry Reaper is a lively tasting hot sauce.  It is blended with blackberry and cinnamon,  finished with the undeniable heat of Carolina Reaper chillies. There is a definite contrast of flavours in this hot sauce.  You get an upfront freshness from orange, lime and vinegar.  Followed by the fruity tartness or blackberries and distinctive taste of cinnamon. On the face of it, an unusual combination, but it just seems to work together deliciously. Papa Peachy Number 1.5 Blackberry Reaper Sauce also has the added bonus and crunch of blackberry seeds.  The Carolina Reaper does it’s job as a slow burner, building in intensity to give a very satisfying burn. Perfect for grilled chicken but amazing in a pulled pork burger.

INGREDIENTS: Carolina Reaper Chillies, Orange Juice, White Vinegar, Spring Onion, Lime Juice, Brown Sugar, Blackberries, Cinnamon.


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