Sabarac Fermented Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce


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Sabarac Fermented Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce is a smoky sour hot sauce with layers of spicy flavour. The combination of cherry and tamarind give this sauce a delicious tartness. This tartness combines beautifully with the flavours of jalapeño, capsicum and tomato. Sabarac Fermented Cherry Chipotle BBQ Sauce has the subtle chipotle smokiness that creates another layer of flavour. This sauce has a complex array of spices added which you get to taste at all levels including cumin, coriander, all spice and black pepper. Being a jalapeno sauce it is on the milder side. This is another bonus layer that just adds to this sauce's complexity. This sauces is sour, smoky and just a wee bit spicy. It will have you reaching for this artisan BBQ hot sauce at every opportunity.  This sauce was developed to pair perfectly with BBQ meats and vegetables.  It can be use as either a finishing sauce to elevate your meal or as a glaze to subtly shine with every bite.

INGREDIENTS: jalapeno, cherry, capsicum, tomato, onion, tamarind