Secret Aardvark Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade


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Secret Aardvark Drunken Jerk Jamaican Marinade is a twist on the traditional, combining soy sauce, jerk seasonings with habanero and a nip of rum to deliver the Secret Aardvark take on Jamaican jerk sauce.

This marinade uses traditional jerk seasonings as well as Thyme and allspice which are combined with habanero, soy sauce and garlic. This is all then balanced out with dark rum to make the sauce “drunken” and give it it's name! The spices are very visible and give the marinade some texture, the habanero delivers a satisfying level of heat that you feel at the back of the throat. This is a very tasty and versatile marinade.

Marinate fish or chicken, add it to a meaty sandwich or use it in a dip but my favourite is in a Bloody Mary!

INGREDIENTS: Soy Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, Green Onion, Habanero Pepper, Yellow Onion, Rum, Canola and/or Sunflower Oil, Ginger Root, Organic Cane Sugar, Herbs and Spices

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