The Chilli Chick Chilli Conserve


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The Chilli Chick Shop Chilli Conserve is a deliciously delectable chilli jam bursting with chilli, raspberry and lime flavour. This chilli conserve has been cooked with raspberry puree, fresh lime juice and zest and is packed full of red cayenne and birds eye chillies with heaps of seeds to bite into. The Chilli Chick Chilli Conserve has a nice medium heat just helps to enhance the overall flavour and delicious experience. Wonderful served with cheese, on grilled salmon or with pork. To quickly turn this into a dipping sauce mix it with a touch of soy. You definitely have to try it with goat's cheese on toast for breakfast.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, vinegar, chilli, raspberry, lime, pectin (citrus pectin, dextrose)