The Chilli Project Fiery Date Hot Sauce


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The Chilli Project Fiery Date Hot Sauce provides the natural date sweetness and rich depth of flavour. The habanero and fatalli chillies add to the fruitiness and rather than a hard hitting upfront heat you get a progressive build. The Chilli Project Fiery Date Hot Sauce delivers heat to the side of your tongue from the fatalii while the habaneros hit the back of your throat. This sauce is a modern-style hot sauce with a unique blend of dates, apple, fatalii and habanero chillies.

This hot sauce is made with Granny Smith apples combined with Khadrawy dates.   This sauce has the consistency that you would typically get from apple sauce, which coats your whole mouth and helps deliver the chilli heat.

Great for your summer barbecue feasts; steak sandwiches, grilled chicken, barbecued pumpkin or sweet potato. The fruit base of this sauce also makes it a great sauce to add to your favourite cake recipe like chocolate brownies or even as a topping for a big bowl of ice cream.

INGREDIENTS: Apple, Vinegar, Dates,

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