Uncle Mungo’s Bhut Jolokia BBQ Sauce


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Uncle Mungo's Bhut Jolokia BBQ Sauce was crafted by Uncle Mungo himself, this is one of his personal favourites. Uncle Mungo's Bhut Jolokia BBQ Sauce is smokey, sweet, and spicy with undertones of citrus. This BBQ sauce is an absolute MUST have for your pantry! Cover your steak, ribs, chicken or any other meats with this sauce and you won't know how you have lived without it before.

Who doesn't love a good BBQ sauce? Rated at 7/10, it is not made for heat (like most of Uncle Mungo's product's)- the heat comes after the amazing flavour- but be aware, the Bhut Jolokia is not for the chilli novice!

INGREDIENTS: Tomato Paste, Mustard, Sugar, Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Honey, Worcestershire, Molasses, Lemon Juice, Spices, Natural Hickory Flavouring, Bhut Jolokia Powder, Salt, Food Acid.


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